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Upclick – About Us

What is Upclick?

More than just a payment processor, Upclick is a custom e-commerce platform with expertise in sales funnel optimization and monetization for merchants in digital goods and software industries. We deliver effortless payment processing while improving conversion rates and overall cart value.

Our 10+ years of experience in the market provides you billing solutions while our marketing expertise complements that of our clients. Upclick's platform increases your online sales by targeting five key elements: fully customizable sales flow, checkout optimization, easy integration, premium technical support, and an affiliate network.

Our cross-sell expertise makes us unique in the industry!

Our complete and secure payment solution allows you to easily accept all major payment methods and display your products in multi-currencies and languages based on your customers’ localization. We also provide you a custom and optimized branded cart offering you a seamless user experience in order to reduce your cart abandonment rate. Your customers will not feel as though they have left your website, because your new cart is fully harmonized with your branding to ensure satisfaction and conversion.

Upclick is the only truly self-serve customizable e-commerce platform. Our main expertise is in sales funnel optimization and monetization for merchants in digital goods and software industries. Our holistic approach begins with us investigating your brand and your customers. We find the perfect solution through sophisticated testing practices, while you focus on the day to day management of your business. Our team of experienced professionals will stand right behind you, building your revenue at an exponential rate. We want to help you make more money!

Our History

Founded in 2006, Upclick was developed after an in-house cart for one of their software companies raked in massive success. After capitalizing on their million-dollar success, they soon realized the true potential of their creation and set to making Upclick one of the industry’s leading e-commerce platforms. Our management is composed of e-commerce specialists with over 80+ combined years of experience in online marketing and sales. Upclick has since evolved into a full-service e-commerce provider for digital media merchants.

Our platform solution combines substantial online marketing experience and testing with our optimized payment processing platform. Our aim is to generate higher conversion rates (CR) and average revenue per order (ARO) for our clients.

Our commitment to our clients and employees is built on mutual respect and zeal for the platform: coming together to create a powerful, valuable service for the digital goods industry.
Every day we work to create new ways to increase conversions, ARO (Average Revenue per Order) and sales success through best practices, new channels and innovations that help our clients gain an edge in the online market place.

By fulfilling these objectives, our performance will speak for itself and convince you that Upclick is the best solution for all of your e-commerce needs.

Upclick's approach focuses on five key elements:

Our Expertise

Save Time & Get Expert Results

It’s all in the details.

Over the years our team has developed an expertise in checkout optimization that can be applied to improve any checkout process. We use our innate understanding at a granular level to isolate and test new checkout enhancements with accelerated turnaround time.

Increase Online Sales

Increase your online performance with more conversions and higher ARO.
At Upclick, our tested and tailored to your end customer’s profile, improving your ability to convert obsession is improving EPC (earnings per click) for our clients. Our expert team will create a personalized checkout that is continually more visitors and attain higher ARO (average revenue per order).

International Markets

Grow your business with expansion into profitable emerging markets.

  • Upclick supports the most popular payment methods in BRIC, APAC and EMEIA markets.
  • We continue to add languages that leverage the largest audience penetration.
  • Our checkout designs and pricing strategies address subtle culture sensitivities to maximize conversion.

  • Affiliate Network Powered By Upclick

    We're a custom e-commerce platform. Monetization experts for both merchants & affiliates.

    In the course of time, Upclick has also noticed the importance of affiliate marketing and has decided to develop an affiliate network to ensure our leadership and maintain our goal. The Upclick Affiliate Network is the best way for advertisers and publishers to make money quickly and easily. No matter who you are, advertisers or publishers, Upclick provides the right solution for you to ensure you will maximize your earnings.

    Working With You

    We work with you, not against you; and are always on hand to help. Upclick has been busy helping thousands of individuals like you take their first step (and their second step, and their third…) towards generating an additional income stream.

    We operate a 'hands on' approach because we know that successful affiliates and merchants make for a successful network. The Upclick affiliate management team is comprised of seasoned e-commerce leaders with over 15 years of combined experience in client relations, affiliate marketing and more importantly, internet marketing and conversion optimization.

    With unrivalled industry expertise, the highest converting offers online and an ever expanding team of specialists at the helm; we're at the forefront of our game. We eliminate the complexity and offer the most powerful tools in a package so easy to use that you can concentrate on what you do best – your business. We believe in high standards and maintain transparency at all times; standing behind both our merchants and our affiliates.

    We have been successfully paying thousands of affiliates every month and have worked hard to provide an accurate and safe payment system. Your earnings are guaranteed to be paid out on time, every time using the payment method of your choice: Local Bank Transfers, Paypal, Wire Transfers or even via Checks.