Upclick is a custom e-commerce platform with expertise in sales funnel optimization and monetization for merchants in digital goods and software industries. We deliver effortless payment processing while improving conversion rates and overall cart value.

Optimize Your Entire Checkout Process

We’ve helped our clients achieve material increases between 17% & 39% to their RPC (Revenue Per Click) by helping them test & optimize their entire purchase funnel, in addition to the shopping cart page.

Maximize Your Conversion Rate

We understand that every market is different and we believe you deserve to have the best tools to serve your customers and maximize your conversion rates.

Increase Revenue Per Purchase

Give your product more exposure to active shoppers by including it as a cross-sell on Upclick’s network. Instead of cross-selling your own products on your checkout pages, let other merchants do it for you!


Subscription management is especially popular among SaaS and e-commerce companies. Nowadays, more and more businesses focus on building a valuable and reliable customer relationship rather than receiving a one-time payment.

Subscription management benefits both the company and the customer, as its flexibility permits individuals to suspend or terminate their subscription without affecting initial revenue or investments. Upclick’s subscription management platform allows customers the option of choosing a subscription based model they can opt out of, as oppose to a large one-time fixed payment. Your company will benefit from using this method as gratified customers will return for future products and purchases. From a business perspective, it’s easier to predict growth rate and revenue, and from a customer perspective, it’s all about price and convenience – so what better way to satisfy your customers’ needs than by giving them the option to choose a subscription-based model.

Turn prospects into buyers with free-trial memberships that work conjointly with subscription management registration. Capture the attention of potential clients, allowing them to try out the service free with no strings attached. Free trials often convert users into paying customers, as it allows them to gain trust with the company and the services they provide. This win/win model also helps companies expand their company base – allowing it to grow in an extremely competitive marketplace.

Our intuitive subscription model grants you the flexibility of customizing your pricing as you like - from one-time set-up fees to prorated plans with recurring billing, your options are truly limitless!