Upclick Payment

We deal with different payment gateways and banks in order to maximize payment approvals.

Upclick – Payment Processor

Upclick is a complete e-commerce platform that offers a flexible payment solution as Paypal but we also offer an efficient e-commerce solution and a marketing expertise in order to provide a fully customized and optimized purchase flow for digital goods companies (such as ebooks and softwares companies). We act as a payment processor but we offer much more such as many features and marketing tools to our merchant to maximize their revenues and get the most out of their potential.

We are an all-in-one e-commerce solution.

Located in Canada and operating since 2005, we handle transactions from various channels and we act as a middleman between merchants and consumers in order to process the credit card transactions. Upclick’s mission simplifies your selling process and help you maximize your revenue while doing so. Even if we are not a payment gateway, we provide you with a complete payment solution. In reality, a payment gateway is simply a server that connects the customer’s bank to a processing bank.

By using Upclick, you don't need to do business with multiple companies to accept payments online, create your checkout pages... Upclick handles every aspect of the payment process. This seamless process will ensure you the peace of mind that you expect from a payment provider. Our excellent partnerships with various payment gateways allow us to reroute your payments to the right banks in order to ensure a higher approval rate for your transactions.

But what does this mean, and how do we do it?

Within a few seconds, once a customer place an order on your website, Upclick secures the transaction and sends the credit card information to the card’s issuing bank (or card association) for verification. We also take anti-fraud measures against the transaction. If the payment details are confirmed, the information is sent back to Upclick via the payment gateway to complete the payment. However, if the transaction is denied by the bank or card association, the transaction gets cancelled. In this scenario, if the payment is declined for a certain reason, Upclick can perform up to three attempts with other banks, using the intelligent payment routing technology to expect approval. Indeed, one of our strength is the ability to reroute the payment information to the right institution according to the consumer’s location, payment method and currency. This know-how is an efficient tool that increases merchant' transaction approvals. In simpler words, we connect the consumer’s bank with the merchant’s bank and we make sure that the money ends up where it should. We take money from your consumers and place it into your account in a secure way.

This is how Upclick acts as a payment processor, but more than that, as a complete payment provider.

To conclude, Upclick deals with various payment institutions. Our merchants don’t need to worry about payment gateways, payments processors and banks. We take care of all this back-end process for them. In their eyes, we act as their payment gateway and payment processor.

This simplified info graphic explains the process of every transaction: