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Upclick Premium
Technical Support

Support monetization solution that converts your support expenses into revenues.

Upclick – Premium Technical Support

What is it?

Upclick Premium Technical Support is the optimal way to convert calls into profit while reinventing your customers' experience. We help you to reduce support costs, deepen customers’ engagement and develop new revenue streams.
Our certified experts analyse devices remotely with fast and reliable performance in mind, solving your customers' technical challenges and generating incremental revenue.

The Premium Technical Support Service converts your support expenses into a revenue stream... Our agents are specially trained to become an extension of your brand, improving client loyalty, customer’s satisfaction and conversion rates, offsetting in the process your customer support expenses.

Upclick provides remote technical support services to consumers and small businesses across a wide range of computing and communications devices and software. We deliver a 24/7 fanatical technical support to millions of customers globally. We currently serve the customers of major software companies with varying products ranging from security software to architectural design software.

Our main technical support center was founded in Montreal in 2012. It’s a Canadian-based team of 50 technical experts. We also have other call centers in Europe and North America. The average daily calls answered by our support centers is around 2000.

How It Works?

Upclick provides you with support phone numbers. All you have to do is displaying these phone numbers through your application, website, email, advertising and much more - and we convert your support expenses into a huge revenue stream.

You will get your own phone number bank and then, when customers call our network of experts through one of these numbers, a technician will assist him to quickly fix the computer issue remotely.

Our experts are sales oriented and fully trained to cross-sell and up-sell products. The quality of our people makes the difference!

You will make extra money for each sale generate that way. 3 easy steps - it’s that simple:
Display your dedicated phone numbers. When a customer dials one of these numbers, he will reach one of our certified support technicians.

Customer chats with our experts. We diagnose the problem remotely for free and present options.

When we get the client consent, we fix the issue while ensuring 100% satisfaction and you earn extra revenue based on performance. Technology may often let you down. Upclick technicians never will.

Case Study: Our Focus On Revenue Per Call