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Showcase Your Products
Through The Affiliate

Promote your products to new targeted audience in addition of your main business.

It's a new revenue stream.

Upclick – Marketplace

What is it?

The Upclick Affiliate Network is a powerful performance-based internet marketing network dedicated to advertisers and publishers.

Our main goal is to provide great traffic performance for our merchants while generating profits for our affiliates. Upclick offers you an opportunity to display your products to new targeted audience in addition of your main business. It's a new revenue stream.

How It Benefits You?

Boost your leads and sales by sharing offers through our network. Benefit from performance-based commission models – you only pay when you get paid.
With over fifteen years combined experience in affiliate marketing, Upclick knows how to improve the return on your marketing spend and increase your sales/leads.

Upclick provides an affiliate marketing platform for advertisers to promote their products and services through a network of publishers. We believe in offering you the best for your money, that's why you only pay on performance!

Do you want to achieve the best return on your marketing investment? With our quality network of publishers, you can generate targeted reach to boost your sales and leads. You'll get access to live reporting to instantly see the performance of your advertising offers. Once your offers are created into the platform, our affiliates can start promoting them on their website, email lists, social media and more.

Upclick has developed the right tools to ensure your satisfaction and a high performance. Our user-friendly interface helps you to manage easily your campaigns and quickly make extra money. In addition, our marketing tools allow you to offer discounts and coupons to entice affiliates to give your products a try.

How it Works

Create your offers into the platform and showcase them through the marketplace in order to reach new targeted audiences.

Set up an attractive commission model for your offers to appeal affiliates and generate more business.

Extend your reach and increase your sales via our quality publisher network. Affiliates promote your offers through their websites, social medias, emails, and more.

Track any clicks or sales in real-time by using our cutting-edge reporting. Benefit from the performance-based commission model – you only pay when you get paid.