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Localized Payment Options & Geo Targeting

Getting your customers to your checkout page is hard enough – we make sure we offer them localized payment options in every major markets around the world so that they use their preferred payment method. It’s just one more way that we protect you from abandoned carts.

A good online selling strategy should always include different pricing options that you can present to your customers. Upclick recognizes the need to customize the shopping experience based on the country you’re selling to. Our experts are familiar with the necessity of adapting your checkout in order to appeal to consumers in all markets. Upclick will ensure the correct payment instruments, languages; design and messaging are implemented to improve your advertising ROI and revenues.

Upclick geo-targeting shopping cart works with IP address detection to automatically identify your customer’s location. With this information we display the checkout page in the local language, currency and offer the right payment methods in order to ensure the best shopping experience. Customers can also select alternate languages through a convenient pull-down menu if they prefer.

Multivariate & A/B testing

Upclick offers a multivariate or A/B testing (split testing) in order to optimize your conversion rates and revenue per order. This powerful feature allows you to compare different strategies and providers or only a simple variant of your sales funnel.

Basically, a multivariate or A/B testing is a randomized experiment with two or more variants to identify which scenario is the best. These versions are compared, which are identical except for one variation that might affect a user's behaviour. Version A might be the currently used version while version B or C....are modified. The main goal is to identify the impact of changes and find out what you should change to maximize your conversion rate.

Upclick has noticed that the purchase funnel is typically a good candidate for A/B testing, as even marginal improvements in drop-off rates can represent a significant gain in sales. In fact, significant improvements can sometimes be seen through testing different elements like landing pages, prices, discounts, cross-sells and style elements.

Upclick has become aware of the importance of details; that's why we continuously test and monitor our client’s purchase funnel to maintain and improve performance.

The A/B testing can also be used to compare different providers and see which one is more profitable. We are confident in the fact that our sales funnel is fully optimized leading to the largest revenue increase for you. So, let's do a test on a portion of your traffic and see how we outperform you current solution provider. It's time to make a change that will make you more money!

Upclick Marketplace (Upclick Affiliate Network)

Increase your bottom line by allowing merchants and affiliates to resell your products or by cross-selling any of the thousand products available in the Upclick Marketplace.

Whether you are a merchant who wants to showcase your own products to a new targeted audience, or an affiliate who wants to promote merchant's offers in exchange of commissions, you are definitely at the right place to make money quickly and easily.

Affiliate marketing is the best way to connect advertisers (merchants) and publishers (affiliates) to generate leads and sales. The Upclick Affiliate Network is a powerful performance-based internet marketing network dedicated to advertisers and publishers. We provide a unique way to monetize your traffic sources and earn the highest paying commissions in the industry.

The Upclick Affiliate Marketplace provides a vast network for publishers to find the best offers, from the top domestic and international merchants. Our main goal is to provide good traffic performance for our merchants and at the same time generating high profits for our affiliates.

As an affiliate, you receive unique links, banner ads, email creatives and other types of media to promote quality offers with competitive payout, from reputable brands. We constantly bring you exclusive offers perfect to find something appropriate for your website or mailing list. We know how hard it is to browse though thousands of offers and pick the one you need. That’s why we have developed and built a user-friendly affiliate network, so you can easily choose a product and start earning commissions in just a few clicks. Don't waste your time, start monetizing your traffic and get an additional revenue stream today by promoting the highest-quality brand name digital products. We promote top-converting PC and Mac utilities, PC optimization, home and business software, security software and more. Browse the marketplace and choose a program you wish to promote and earn a commission when your traffic converts to sales.

Email Marketing & Re-Targeting

Upclick give you all the marketing tools you need. Our fanatical focus on conversion is not limited to the sale funnel. Upclick knows that we can't convert 100% of your visitors. Every customer is different and some of them are not ready to make an impulsive decision to complete the final purchase.

They need to think about it, to be sure, to be reassured that they are making a good decision. Many of these unconvinced customers abandon their carts instead of completing the purchase. Upclick can provide you with strategic and customized email re-marketing that will recapture lost sales from cart abandonment, improve revenue with re-targeting and up-sell campaigns as well as increase market share retention with renewal offers. It’s an incredibly effective way to reach your customers. More than 3/4 of customers prefer to receive promotional materials via email than any other channel.

This powerful digital marketing technique allows you to serve ads only to people who have previously visited your offer.

All you need is visitor email addresses in order to serve re-targeted ads to them. You can offer discounts, limited time offers or whatever you have in mind to convert these visitors into buyers. Our email re-targeting tool is an additional way to maximize your revenue and increase your conversion rate.

Premium Technical Support

Upclick Premium Technical Support is the optimal way to convert calls into profit while reinventing your customers' experience. We help you to reduce support costs, deepen customer’s engagement and develop new revenue streams.

Our certified experts analyse devices remotely with fast and reliable performance in mind, solving your customers' technical challenges and generating incremental revenue.

Our agents are specially trained to become an extension of your brand, improving client loyalty, customer’s satisfaction and conversion rates.

  • Cost Free Solution
  • Increase Conversions
  • Fast and Easy Implementation
  • Montreal Based Call Center
  • Support in 4 Languages: English, French, German and Spanish.

  • Upclick provides you with support phone numbers. All you have to do is display these phone numbers through your application, website, email, advertising and much more - and we convert your support expenses into a huge revenue stream.

    Integrated CD/DVD & Box Fulfilment Services

    Increase your revenues by offering your clients the option to purchase a physical copy of your software on CD, DVD or even on a USB key. Upclick offers you the flexibility to set your own retail price and try different price points and even offers delivery. All you have to do is upload your software into the platform and Upclick will take care of the rest.

    Multi-Currency Pricing

    Upclick supports more than 20+ localized billing currencies, including: USD, Euro, Canadian Dollar, Pound, Australian Dollar, New Zealand Dollar, Hong Kong Dollar, Japanese Yen, Swiss Franc, Indian Rupee and many more.

    Increase your international reach by enabling your customers to pay products in their local currency. This maximizes payment success rates and limits cart abandons due to frustration and confusion.

    However, if we can't accept customer payment in his local currency, Upclick always gives an estimated price of the product in his local currency to avoid confusion about the actual cost – again, it increases conversions and customer comfort level with your buying process.

    Not only do we display the right currency to the customer, we allow you to increase your worldwide sales by setting up international prices with real-time foreign exchange rates. Alternatively, you can tailor your product price points per country and take control of fluctuating FX rates by setting up country-specific pricing in over 20 billing currencies. We offer this flexibility to display easy pricing such as 19.95€ instead of 19.27€. You can adjust different pricing per country instead of keeping the same pricing strategy for every country.

    Multiple Languages Available

    For an optimal checkout performance, every single part of your sales funnel is important and must not be neglected. As a service to our clients, we currently support 21 of the most important markets. However, Upclick has taken it a step further by localizing your entire client experience. We automatically identify your customer's location with the IP address to display the appropriate language. Customers have the ability to select an alternate language through a convenient pull-down menu.

    We offer 7 default languages for your customers: English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese and Italian. If you need more languages, feel free to contact us and it would be our pleasure to assist you.

    Cross-Sell & Up-Sell Engine

    As a valuable partner, Upclick wants you to generate more money. Our cross-sell expertise makes us unique in the industry. Our aim is to generate higher conversion rates (CR) and average revenue per order (ARO) for our clients.

    Basically, cross-selling is the practice that consists of getting the customer to spend more money by offering an additional product or service during the purchase flow. We usually use this practice to maximize our client potential.
    Up-selling is a different practice where we get the customer to spend more money by offering a more expensive version of the same type of products or services, or features related to the product in question.

    No matter what practice we use, the ultimate goal is to enhance the global value for the final customer and increase the ARO (Average Revenue per Order) for the merchant.

    Upclick usually combines cross-sell and up-sell offers to ensure maximum revenue stream during the purchase funnel. We enable you to test different cross-sell products and scenarios to determine the optimal way to generate extra revenue. Upclick provides you with all the necessary such as coupons and discounts that you can apply on top of your cross-sell to convert better and determine which channel, location, pricing or target is the most appropriate to your business.

    As a merchant, you can create various cross-sell offers for the client during his checkout process. The idea is to promote related products and maximize the revenue per order while providing a better shopping experience to customers.
    Once you define a cross-sell offer, you can choose to publish it in the Upclick Network, making it available for other merchants that will eventually be willing to promote your product as a cross-sell. You can also promote other merchants’ products. The advantage of using cross sells remains the same: with no additional traffic costs you can get additional exposure, and extra revenues.

    Refund & Chargeback Protection

    Upclick does its best to reduce the risk of refunds & chargebacks. We play an important role in resolving chargeback and refund disputes. Our team helps our merchants build a solid case in order to dispute chargebacks and refunds. We work with our merchants as a valuable partner and provide them with all the relevant transaction details they need to dispute the chargeback. Keep in mind that we help our merchants to prevent a maximum of refunds and chargebacks but it is their responsibilities to be transparent and honest with their customers. The best way to prevent chargebacks and refunds is to provide solid return policies; have a great customer service and sell products and services conform to their description with no hidden fees to avoid unfortunate extra charges.

    A chargeback occurs when a buyer asks their credit card issuer to reverse a transaction after it has been completed. The buyer requests a chargeback from their credit card company. The credit card company notifies Upclick's merchant bank. Upclick holds merchant’ funds related to the chargeback and requests information that could help to dispute the chargeback.

    There are three main reasons a buyer will ask for a chargeback:

    1. The purchased product or service never arrived.
    2. The product or the charge is significantly different than advertised
    3. Their credit card was used without their permission to purchase the product or service fraudulently.

    After verifying all the information regarding the transaction, the credit card company can decide in favour of the merchant or the buyer. If the merchant wins the case, the buyer will be charged for the transaction and the merchant will get his money back. If the decision is in favour of the buyer, the transaction will be cancelled and the buyer will receive a full refund.
    We have a dedicated customer service team who tries to prevent chargebacks and refunds as much as possible. Our team is proactive. No one likes to wait, so we do our best to respond quickly and professionally to all reasonable buyer inquiries.

    Our customer service is open 24/7 and we answer calls in different languages to assist the customer in his mother tongue. Our customer service prevents any unnecessary disputes. Our contact information is easily accessible for the customer, so if he has a complaint to fill, he can easily get in touch with us in order to get the issue resolved. The chance of refunds or chargebacks occurring is reduced significantly. To prevent chargebacks, we set up a maximum charge per transaction. The maximum sale amount or pre-authorization amount allowed is 599$ (USD) per transaction. This limit reduces unusual purchases made with stolen credit cards, and prevents chargebacks at the same time.

    More than that, Upclick provides velocity checks based on timing. These checks can be configured to block anyone who attempts to process a transaction with the same credit card or from the same IP address a certain number of times within a certain amount of time. This helps to prevent fraud from customers who are running through a list of credit card numbers until they find one that works, for example.

    Coupons & Discounts

    Upclick gives you all the marketing tools you need to deploy your strategy and track any sensitive data in real time. Coupons & Discount are considered as one of the most flexible and powerful tool available today.

    This e-commerce tool enables you to offer pricing alternatives to your shoppers in order to test the price elasticity of your products and see if shoppers become buyers based on pricing points.

    Coupons & Discounts are a great way to encourage shoppers to buy your product, and to run advertising campaigns. We offer you flexible coupons to fit your needs, and setting them up is really easy.
    Simply create a coupon, manage the rules assigned, and provide the coupon code to the buyer or automatically append it in the checkout for certain traffic sources. You define and control the rules, and you can change them whenever you want.

    In the platform, we have a dedicated section for coupons where you can create and manage your coupon codes for your products. When you set up your coupon, you define its type, discount, lifetime, name and description.
    You can create individual or global coupons. An individual coupon can be applied to one or more products. You assign your products to your new coupon. A global coupon will be applied to all your existing our future products. Then, you define a flat or a percentage discount for your coupon code.

    Once your coupons are set up, you can test and monitor the performance with or without coupons, and check if it makes a real difference on your sales. Based on our experience, this tool will improve your performance for every channel with out doubt in mind.


    Product bundling is a well-known marketing strategy that involves the sale of multiple products as a single, bundle product.

    Our bundling feature allow you to group multiple predefined products into a bundle product which inherits the characteristics of the original products, in terms of licensing and delivery, but allows you to define it as a new different product in the system. This means you get to give it a new name and description, a new logo or box shot, new prices and eventually coupon codes.

    You gain the ability to showcase your customers a new product, without having to worry about how it will be delivered to them. After the sale, Upclick delivers the access (download) links and the license keys for each of the products that form the bundle.