How to start using upclick as your dedicated ecommerce solution partnerecommerce platform

Start Selling Digital
Goods In Minutes

Create your products, define your pricing, select a checkout design and get your checkout link.

How To Start Using Upclick?

Upclick is all about simplifying every step of your selling process. From the moment you sign up, you are only a few minutes away from selling your product. We designed our platform this way so that you can start making money fast without worrying about the extra steps. All you need to do is to upload your product and get your checkout link to put on your website. Between those two steps, you can create a cross-sell , up-sell or post-sell option and a pricing model, but this is all optional. If you want even more features to optimize your sales, we have plenty. You can create your customized checkout design, manage the content, use marketing tools and add tracking campaigns.

Our win/win model lets you focus on your product while we take care of getting you higher conversions, so we can all profit together!

Get Started With Only 4 Steps

The first step is to create a product and upload it. All you need to do is to choose a name, write a description, define a price and choose a delivery method for your product.

For advanced users, we offer two optional steps in order to maximize your potential. You can create cross-sell, post-sell and up-sell and get the ability to define a pricing model.
In order to maximize your potential sales, we allow you to create various offers such as cross-sells, up-sells and post-sells for your products.
Along with your offers, you can create a pricing model for each of your products, and modify it at any time. This pricing model is basically your checkout offer, what the final customer will see in the checkout page (products, pricing...).
We offer many possibilities and choices when it comes to your checkout design. First of all, you have to create a name and a title for your checkout design and then you just have to pick up an existing template. You can try different ones and change them, at any time. But more importantly, you can customize every single part of the template if you wish.

For advanced users, we offer three optional steps in order to give you full flexibility on your checkout. You can manage your checkout content, add tracking scripts and use all the marketing tools you need such as a/b testing, coupons...
You can manage your checkout content and change it at any time.
Add 3rd party tracking campaigns in order to test and monitor your strategies.
Try different marketing tools such as A/B testing and coupons & discounts in order to see the impact of your marketing strategies on your conversion rates.
Once you have set up your checkout page, you can create your checkout link. Simply define a name, select a pricing model, a tracking campaign, a checkout design and a checkout content to generate your custom link. This checkout link is dynamic. Any time you change a parameter like the product price, the checkout content or even the can keep the same link url. All changes are saved on the fly.
Once you have generated your checkout link, you can put it on your website and watch your sales go up. You can change all your available options and offers at any moment, you will keep the same link url.