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We offer all the marketing tools you need to deploy your strategy and track any sensitive date in real time.

Upclick – E-commerce Platform

A Powerful E-commerce Platform

Upclick is a simple, convenient and comprehensive e-commerce solution for digital goods merchants. As long as your products are delivered online whether you're a software vendor, online service provider, casual games developer, or multimedia distributor, our solution will fit your needs.

We've made accepting payments online that much easier by allowing you to go from a sign-up page to a live cart in a matter of minutes.

Starting is simple: sign-up, price your product, select a template, and generate a buy link. It's that easy! Our certified experts analyze devices remotely with fast and reliable performance in mind, solving your customers' technical challenges and generating incremental revenue. 

And you don’t have to worry about how or when your product will be delivered to your clients. We will take care of it, with 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

Easy-to-use E-commerce Tools

Not only we allow you to build your online store in minutes but we also provide you with all the needed e-commerce tools to make the most out of it.

Our platform allows you to build your customized shopping cart by using your own branding elements (i.e.: your logo). Our cart designer allows you to maintain the same look and feel throughout your entire sales funnel, making the customer experience seamless. You can even customize the cart message based on your target markets.

Increase your order value by showcasing relevant additional products in the cart as cross-sells and up-sells , and even after the sale, through our post-selling feature. If you do not have any product to offer, take advantage of our cross-sell marketplace where other merchants like you have made their products public on a revenue share basis. Just select the ones that you believe are a good fit for your clients and we will take care of the rest.

If you're thinking of having a special sale, we've got you covered. Our coupon discounting tool allows you to create coupons for special occasions (I.e.: Black Friday, Back to School, Boxing Day, etc) specifying the discounts and even expiring them on a chosen date.

We empower you to start selling worldwide. Define your products in multiple languages and our carts will support them. We have predefined cart templates in English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German and Russian… And we keep on adding languages. Not only will we display the prices in the local currency (any currency), we also give you control over the amounts, even for installments and recurring price models. After all, we all know that the customer reacts better when seeing a nicely displayed price, don’t we?

Top all these with our powerful multi-variant testing engine and unlock your full online selling potential. It’s simple: we give you everything you need to sell online, successfully!

Accurate Tracking & Reporting

See what data you’ve been missing… Having an accurate and detailed visibility on your shopping cart performance is definitely a critical element that will help you take the right decisions in order to measure, optimize and scale your business. Our reporting enables you to do multi-dimensional analysis on any given pair of data and on every possible metric you could need. The advanced drill-down tools let you make informed decisions about every aspect of your carts. It is often one of the best regarded features of our system, so come on in and check it out…

To complement our advanced reporting and give you the depth of behavioral analytical information that you need, we made it easy for you to integrate with third party Analytic Platforms (I.e.: Google Analytics or WebTrends). Simply append your Analytics account IDs when generating your buy link and we will send your visits and conversion data on the fly. No need to worry about script implementation or cross-domains tracking, we’ve taken care of all the hard work.

If you advertise your site through SEM, using the major PPC Search Engines, then you’ll love our ability to track and send the Search Engines real time data about your sales and conversions down to every campaign & keyword. Simply provide your conversion IDs (like Google AdWords or Bing Ads), and we’ll take care of reporting the information to each of them so that you get the detailed reports you need!

Atop of these, Upclick has a multitude of other automated methods that allow you to access or get notified about important account events, transactions and customer data, such as Http Post, direct email, and Tracking Pixel.

Support Monetization

Convert your support expenses into revenue! Upclick Premium Technical Support is how we convert calls into profit while reinventing your customer’s experience. Our customer support experts are trained to become an extension of your brand, improving your customer’s loyalty and satisfaction.

Through our call centers located in North America and Europe, we are able to provide services in multiple languages, such as English, French, Spanish, German and Italian, with a strong focus on customer excellence: over 90% Customer Satisfaction Index.

It’s a revenue share based solution with no upfront cost, which generates extra revenues through cross-selling and up-selling.

Localized Payment Options

To stay competitive in today’s marketplace it’s crucial to be able to accept as many payments as possible in a quick and efficient manner…

Extend your sales reach! We know that getting your customers to your checkout page is hard enough. That’s why we make sure we offer them localized payment options in every one of the major markets around the world, allowing them to use their familiar, favoured way of paying.

While in North America, Visa and Mastercard payments are taking the lion’s share, they only account for a smaller part of the online payments in Europe and the rest of the world. Atop of the localized payment instruments like the iDeal in the Netherlands, SEPA in Germany, CartaSi in Italy or CarteBleue in France (just to mention some of them), being able to provide PayPal as a payment option is a must. We integrated it right inside our checkout process so you don’t have to go through the hassle.

Our platform was initially created to obtain higher conversion rates amongst shoppers, but we didn't stop there. Our payment back-end has the ability to intelligently route a customer’s transaction to the right financial institution, based on their geo-location and selected payment instrument.

We are also able to reroute (cascade) a declined transaction to a different acquiring bank in order to finalize the purchase, opening up an opportunity to recapture additional online sales that would have otherwise been lost.

Subscription Management

Acquiring new customers is not an easy task so why not make the most out of your existing ones? In addition to the traditional one-time charge for the purchase of a product (or flat price), Upclick also supports a recurring (subscription) billing model that allows you to build a constant revenue flow over time.

Build a long-lasting recurring revenue stream for your business. The recurring billing tool is very flexible in that it allows you to define each payment amount that needs to be charged, in your desired currency, as well as the frequency (days, weeks, months or years) at which the transactions will occur and the number of cycles before the re-billing will stop. Just set it up and sit back. We’ll take care of the rest. We will notify the customers prior to each recurring transaction, allowing them to cancel it if they wish, and we will also let you know which one of them is still your client in order for you to manage their access to your products and services.

Affiliate Marketplace

Take your brand exposure to a whole new level. Showcase your products on the Upclick Marketplace, our powerful affiliate network and let our publishers (affiliates) do the work for you. Take the opportunity to effectively market your products and services online through different traffic sources and pay commission only when a sale is made.

Simply create an affiliate offer (webpage) where the publisher will redirect their traffic, upload your marketing materials, define the sale payout and you’re ready to go. We will take care of all the rest: tracking, reporting, revenue splitting and payments.

And if your needs require having your own affiliate platform, white-labelled or co-branded, all you have to do is ask for it.