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We developed all the features you need to increase your ARO and your conversion rate.

1. Unlimited Product Hosting and Delivery

Upclick offers you the ability to store all your products into the platform, including the license keys, the installer and more. Just let Upclick host and handle your product and license key delivery... read more

2. Fraud Protection & Client Satisfaction Monitoring

Our internal compliance and customer service teams provide you with invaluable feedback on your client purchasing patterns including declines, refunds and chargeback. The Upclick team ensures that... read more

3. Self-Serve Platform

The Upclick platform offers you complete flexibility. It's a self-serve platform allowing you to start processing with us without speaking to anyone. Getting started is simple; just sign-up, fill out your personal... read more

4. PCI DSS Compliant

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) is a security standard defined by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) to enhance payment card data security. PCI... read more

5. Dedicated Account Manager

Have a question, need an advice? Contact your personal account manager. The Upclick team is always on hand to help because we understand that your success is our success. Every client has their own... read more

6. Easy Integration

We understand that organizations differ, and that applying changes within complex computing environments can sometimes be difficult. We don't want you to deal with the hassle of adapting your system... read more

7. Dedicated Cart URLs

Create an entirely seamless purchasing experience by hosting your carts on your own domains such as "". Getting a dedicated checkout URL allows you to display your own URL to your... read more

8. International Tax Collection Management

Every business wants to extend their sales internationally to make more money but sometimes international tax compliance can be complicated. Let Upclick takes care of your tax collection. Upclick offers... read more

9. User Roles and Permissions

Based on its membership to a specific group, the merchant can enable/disable the access of an user to any of the account sections. More, in the event of granting access to a specific section, the account owner can even... read more

10. Flexible Merchant Payment Options

By default, Upclick pays its merchants in USD and offers two payment options: Check and Wire Transfer/Direct Deposit. The payments are processed twice a month (1st & 16th of every month), two weeks in arrear, and for... read more

11. Subscription Management System & Recurring Billing

Build a durable recurring revenue stream with the Upclick PCI compliant subscription services. In the last decade, the way to do business has changed dramatically. Today, most businesses are focused on building... read more

12. Intelligent Payment Options

Upclick develops an intelligent payment solution to increase your payment success rate. We provide a redundant banking infrastructure with over 50 payment options covering all major markets. Our intelligent... read more

13. Full Checkout Optimization

We’ve helped our clients achieve material increases between 17% & 39% to their RPC (Revenue Per Click) by helping them test & optimize their entire purchase funnel, not just the actual shopping cart page... read more

14. Fully Customized & Flexible Checkout Pages

Your checkout is one of the most important pieces of your sale funnel. Besides being aesthetically pleasing, the best checkout has to present a clear navigation path. The easier your customers can check out... read more

15. Multiple Payment Methods Accepted

Upclick gives you the ability to take payments from anywhere at any time accepting the most popular payment methods. Extend your business reach with over 50 international payment methods in more than 100... read more

16. Customer & Billing Support Services

Upclick supports the most popular payment options worldwide. Our empowered customer support team is an integral part of our solution. Upclick employs 2048-bit SSL encryption and fraud monitoring to secure... read more

17. Mobile Optimized Checkout Pages

Mobile technology is the present. Companies see business opportunities in mobile and they are forced to consider and integrate this emerging trend into their strategy. The mobile world is everywhere and grows... read more

18. In-App Solutions

Upclick makes it easier and faster for your customers to pay for their purchases from mobile devices. We make sure your entire checkout process is efficient for mobile in order to ensure users satisfaction and... read more

19. Flexible Billing Models

Billing is one of the key elements for a company. Nowadays, most e-commerce businesses changed their billing strategy from a “onetime” purchase to a subscription model. Upclick provides flexible billing models in order to fit all merchant’s strategies... read more

20. Localized Payment Options & Geo Targeting

Getting your customers to your checkout page is hard enough – we make sure we offer them localized payment options in every major markets around the world so that they use their preferred payment method. It’s just... read more

21. Multivariate & A/B testing

Upclick offers a multivariate or A/B testing (split testing) in order to optimize your conversion rates and revenue per order. This powerful feature allows you to compare different strategies and providers or only... read more

22. Upclick Marketplace (Upclick Affiliate Network)

The Upclick Affiliate Marketplace provides a vast network for publishers to find the best offers, from the top domestic and international merchants. Our main goal is to provide good traffic performance for our... read more

23. Email Marketing & Re-Targeting

Upclick give you all the marketing tools you need. Our fanatical focus on conversion is not limited to the sale funnel. Upclick knows that we can't convert 100% of your visitors. Every customer is different and some... read more

24. Premium Technical Support

Upclick Premium Technical Support is the optimal way to convert calls into profit while reinventing your customers' experience. We help you to reduce support costs, deepen customer’s engagement and develop new revenue... read more

25. Integrated CD/DVD & Box Fulfilment Services

Increase your revenues by offering your clients the option to purchase a physical copy of your software on CD, DVD or even on a USB key. Upclick offers you the flexibility to set your own retail price and try different... read more

26. Multi-Currency Pricing

Upclick supports more than 20+ localized billing currencies, including: USD, Euro, Canadian Dollar, Pound, Australian Dollar, New Zealand Dollar, Hong Kong Dollar, Japanese Yen, Swiss Franc, Indian Rupee and many more... read more

27. Multiple Languages Available

For an optimal checkout performance, every single part of your sales funnel is important and must not be neglected. As a service to our clients, we currently support 21 of the most important markets. However, Upclick has... read more

28. Cross-Sell & Up-Sell Engine

As a valuable partner, Upclick wants you to generate more money. Our cross-sell expertise makes us unique in the industry. Our aim is to generate higher conversion rates (CR) and average revenue per order (ARO) for our... read more

29. Refund & Chargeback Protection

Upclick does its best to reduce the risk of refunds & chargebacks. We play an important role in resolving chargeback and refund disputes. Our team helps our merchants build a solid case in order to dispute chargebacks and refunds. ... read more

30. Coupons & Discounts

This e-commerce tool enables you to offer pricing alternatives to your shoppers in order to test the price elasticity of your products and see if shoppers become buyers based on pricing points... read more

31. Bundles

Our bundling feature allow you to group multiple predefined products into a bundle product which inherits the characteristics of the original products, in terms of licensing and delivery, but allows you to define it as a new different... read more

32. Custom & Real Time Reporting

We all have different needs, approaches and point of views when it comes to data mining. With Upclick's Custom Reporting you can retrieve unlimited data points, create custom display templates and generate automated... read more

33. API’s Full-Service & Notification Systems

What's an API? In one word – communication. But more specifically, an API (application programming interface) is the interface implemented by an application which allows other applications to communicate with it... read more

34. Tracking - Default 30-Day Cookies

Upclick uses cookies to ensure the surfer a comfortable and smooth navigation while enabling you to track his behaviour. A cookie is a small text file created and stored in the surfer's web browser when he is loading... read more

35. Online Tracking

Tracking conversions in an accurate and flexible way is one the key factors that will help you take the right decisions and turn your business into a success. Being aware of this, we made our tracking abilities one of... read more

36. Google Analytics Support & Other Third-Party Tracking

All Upclick’s carts are natively integrated with Google Analytics. All you have to do is to provide your Analytics ID (UA-XXXXXX-YY) when generating a checkout link. We will pre-fill it for you in the cart and carry it to... read more

37. Notifications & Alerts

Besides the standard reporting where merchants can log in to see all the transactions related data, the Upclick platform also has multiple automated ways of sending you important information related to your account, more