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Optimal Payment Gateway
And E-commerce Platform
For Merchants

Sell your digital goods online in minutes.

We deliver effortless payment processing while improving conversion rates and overall cart value.

Merchants Solutions

Upclick offers multiple solutions for merchants in digital goods industries in order to maximize their potential. If you're looking for a payment processor that can improve your performance on every channel, you've come to the right place. All the information you need to optimize your checkout and increase revenue can be found below.. But don't take it for granted, sign up as a merchant to get the proof that Upclick is the efficient solution for you.


How to Start?

How can you use Upclick to maximize your true potential? Go straight to the point or
use the full functionalities of the platform.

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Upclick provides a marketplace where merchants can showcase their offers
to target new audiences.

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Four Ways To Make Money

Choose how you prefer generating profits. Use your favourite method(s) to sell your digital products.

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E-commerce Platform

We provide an optimal billing solution
to sell digital goods online while
increasing your revenue.

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Premium Technical Support

Convert your calls into a huge revenue while reinventing your customer's experience.
A real support monetization solution.

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We offer all the marketing tools you
need to deploy your strategy and
track any sensitive data.

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Upclick processing fees start at 5.75%*
with no hidden fees. To see all the fee
schedule, click on learn more.

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