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Find answers to recurring questions.

1. How do I sign up for a merchant account?

All you have to do is click on the "Sign-up" button located on the top right corner of upclick.com and fill out the form. It takes only a few minutes of your time to join the platform. You are not under any obligation by completing this form. Once it's done, your account is created and you will receive a welcome email with your login information to access the platform.

2. I did not receive my confirmation email, what do I do?

First of all, please check your spam and/or junk mail folders as the email may have been sent there. If you are still unable to locate the email, contact us for further assistance.

3. I signed up on Upclick. Now what do I do?

After signing up, you will receive a welcome email with all your information. Log into the platform using your new username and password, create your product, generate and grab your checkout link and start processing. It's that simple! Please keep in mind that merchants must provide some supporting compliance documents that prove their identity and provide an overall understanding of their business before cashing in. If you have further questions, feel free to contact your account manager.

4. Once I signed up, how long does it take before I can start processing payments?

It only takes a few minutes. It's a self-serve platform, so you can start using the platform without speaking to anyone.

5. How long has Upclick been in business?

Founded in 2006, Upclick has grown into a true market leader and boasts one of the highest converting ecommerce platform’s in the industry.

6. Do you work with small businesses?

Absolutely. We work with any software or SaaS companies interested in getting a payment gateway. Everyone with a digital product or service is welcome. Even if you sell something else, do not hesitate to contact us.

7. Do you accept international merchants?

Of course we do. Upclick accepts worldwide merchants. Our checkout, banking relationships and payment instruments are optimized to sell your products to an international audience.
We have offered a worldwide solution for technical support vendors for more than 5 years.

8. How do you handle merchants with less than perfect history?

We have seen it all and we can help...
The Upclick team has been providing processing capabilities for digital goods and software publishers vendors for many years and our experience is now yours to leverage. We have developed a series of compliance requirements, processes and best-practices that will ensure your clients remain satisfied, therefore, leaving you with a long term, sustainable business model.

9. How often should I expect to get paid for my sales made through Upclick?

Payments are made on a bi-weekly basis (1st and 16th day of the month) with two weeks delay and a minimum earning threshold of $1000 USD. Make sure to enter your payment information as soon as you create your account.
Your earnings are guaranteed to be paid out on time.

10. How do I get paid for my sales made through Upclick?

When you log-in to your Upclick account for the first time you can choose your payment method: Local Bank Transfers, Paypal, Wire Transfers or Checks. We have been successfully paying hundreds of merchants every month and have worked hard to provide an accurate and safe payment system.
We pride ourselves on providing you with fast, on-time payments, all the time.

11. Does Upclick hold a reserve on my payments?

Upclick takes the right to keep a reserve of 10% for the first 6 months from each merchant and affiliate payment, to cover eventual chargebacks on transactions. If you have any question, contact us.

12. What payment methods do you offer?

We offer Visa and Mastercard with many more payment methods to come.

13. Do I need to incorporate my business in North America?

No. You do not need to incorporate in North America.
We manage a global network of vendors and suppliers therefore, we are able to accept merchants from all over the world. Please note compliance requirements may vary depending on applicable local laws within your country of incorporation. Contact your account manager for more details.

14. Do you provide a virtual terminal or do I integrate Upclick checkout on my website?

We provide you a checkout link that can be integrated on your website. Upclick offers you custom solutions for your checkout in order to improve your conversion rate and overall cart value.

15. How will the sale appear on customer’s credit card statement?

The sale will appear as TECHHELP-UPCLK.COM or UPCLK.COM (depending on the bank used to process the sale). Customers will be able to track their order at u-bill.com if they are some inquiries about their purchase.

16. What is the maximum price I can charge to customers?

You can charge up to 599USD per customer with a maximum membership plan of 1 year.

17. How many products can I sell through Upclick?

You can sell as many products as you like through Upclick. There is no maximum set.

18. What are your rates?

Our default rates are 12.50%. Based on your processing history, business model, technical requirements and processing revenue these rates may vary. Please contact your dedicated account success manager for a customized rate.

19. How much will it cost me?

Upclick does not charge extraneous fees often seen with other processors. We are very competitive and we offer the best product and customer service because your satisfaction is also ours. Upclick uses his unrivalled industry expertise to build a long term and efficient partnership.
Our default processing rates are competitively set at 12.5%. You may also have a setup fee of $99.99 and monthly fees of $49.95. We pride ourselves in being transparent and honest. Our merchant processing solution can be customized so your account manager will disclose all fees based on the solution you choose. Please contact your dedicated account success manager for a customized rate.

20. What is your chargeback allowance?

Our maximum chargeback allowance is 1.5% with Visa and 1% with MasterCard.

21. What is your refund allowance?

Our maximum refund allowance is 10% with Visa and MasterCard.

22. What is required for processing payments with Upclick?

The approval process is fast and easy. After you sign-up for your account, you will first have to activate your gateway and complete your personal information. Then you simply create your product and checkout link to start processing. Please note that you will have to provide some supporting compliance documents that prove your identity and provide an overall understanding of your business.
Follow these 4 simple steps in order to activate your processing capabilities:
A. Activate your account | B. Pay the activation fee | C. Create your products | D. Generate your checkout links

23. Can I customize my checkout page?

Yes, you can customize your checkout pages. Upclick offers many user friendly checkout templates that fit most customers' needs. We can assist you in increasing your conversion rate and optimizing your entire purchase funnel. More importantly, our checkout pages are fully optimized for any device and specifically designed for maximum customer conversion.

24. How can I be sure that all order pages are fully secured?

Upclick is fully PCI DSS Level 1 compliant which means your clients are safe during the entire sales process. This also means you can let us securely store credit card details for future use like recurring billing and password protected one-click purchases. Upclick makes your online safety a priority. Our encrypted links ensure your referred sales are credited to only you. Upclick gives clients the peace of mind to focus on their business, rather than worry about the security of every transaction.

25. Do I have to be PCI compliant?

The PCI certification is required for all merchants that store, transmit, or process credit card payments. The main goal is to prevent credit card fraud while increasing security controls around data.

26. Do you offer service in different languages?

Absolutely. Our purchase pages currently offer 12 different languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Swedish, Dutch, Norwegian and Danish. Our experts are familiar with the necessity of adapting your checkout in order to appeal to consumers in all markets. Upclick will ensure not only different languages but also the correct payment instruments; design and messaging implemented to improve your ROI and revenues.

27. Can I sell my products on Upclick in foreign currencies?

Yes. Upclick enables you to define pricing for each major worldwide currency, such as USD, GBP, EUR, CAD, AUD, JPY, CHF, DKK, SEK, NOK, MXN, ARS, BRL and more. You can ensure that you provide a positive experience to all prospects and increase your share of your international revenues!
The prices presented to your customer will be automatically displayed in their local currency based on which country they are in, increasing their comfort level in buying your product.

28. Do you offer billing support services?

Upclick supports the most popular payment options worldwide and our empowered customer support team is an integral part of our solution. Upclick employs 2048-bit SSL encryption and fraud monitoring to secure all online transactions. At Upclick our customer support team significantly reduces refund and chargeback rates, by providing 1st level technical assistance to get a customer up and running with their purchase as soon as possible, as well as proactively negotiate all refund requests to increase revenue retention.

29. Do you offer any reports to manage my business?

We sure do. Our powerful ecommerce platform helps you to manage your business. With our real time performance reporting you have access to a robust reporting on absolutely every metric you’d want to track. It contains all your critical sales data in intuitive tables and interactive charts. Our analytics enable you to quickly and easily track your campaign transactions, clicks, conversion rates and total revenues earned. This will ensure that you always be able to manage your performance and be able to oversee how much commission you generate in ease.

30. How can I view my performance?

You have the ability to follow your performance through the platform. Once you are logged in, click on the "Reports" button on the top right corner and you access your dashboard directly. In this section, you can track any metrics in real time. You can display your numbers in a grid or in a chart if you prefer a visual representation.

31. How do I close my account?

To close you account, just contact your dedicated account manager to proceed.

32. What happens when I close my account?

If you close your account, usually we will keep your earnings for 6 months to cover eventual chargebacks and refunds on transactions. After this period, we release the amount due and you'll receive all your money minus any chargebacks and refunds applied during the previous 6 months. If you have any questions, contact your dedicated account manager.