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How to Use Augmented Reality for Marketing

For those who are unfamiliar with the expression, augmented reality is when a user interacts live with the real-world environment whose elements are augmented by a digital device. The easiest and probably most popular example is "Pokemon Go" where users walk around in the physical world and try to catch Pokemon displayed on their phones.

Augmented reality has created many opportunities for marketers to promote their products and there will be many other ones as the technology evolves. Marketers just have to use their creative minds to find ways to enhance the customer experience through AR.

Here a few examples of how AR has been used for marketing purpose so far:

First example: Bars using AR applications for marketing

Some bars are leveraging on the AR functionality of Pokemon Go to offer free beers to users who place lure module in front of their bars. Lure modules attract Pokemons, which in turns attract users. This is a really inexpensive way to generate traffic at a specific location.

Second example: Ikea integrated AR at the core of their phone app to improve customer experience.

Through its phone application, Ikea allows customers to see how a furniture would look in their house before purchasing it. This improves significantly the customer experience.

Here is a short video of how the app works:


There are also businesses, like Magic Leap, who put AR at the center of their business model. The startup backed by Google and the Alibaba Group uses a Head Mounted Digital device to superimpose 3D images over real world objects. The path to commercialize their technology has not been specified yet, probably because there are too many opportunities.

Here is a short video of Magic Leap's technology:


Augmented Reality will continue to create new opportunities for marketers, it is up to them to use their creativity to seize the opportunities that stem from it.