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What Matters to Marketers: Quality or Quantity?

Quality over quantity, that's the choice of marketers when it comes to generating leads. According to Ascend2, marketers are indeed in agreement when they say that the quality of leads is their top priority. This makes sense since getting rid of ineffective leads means a higher conversion rate, which will result in higher returns.  But how do you make sure you generate good leads?

Here are 5 strategies that you can implement right now to achieve this:

1. Use customized landing pages

You can reduce your bounce rate by creating customized landing pages. Indeed, depending on the marketing campaign that drove the lead, you can create a personalized landing page that better fits the profile of the customer. By having customized landing pages, your customers are more likely to remain on your website because the information displayed will likely answer their needs. 

2. Develop a Word- of Mouth marketing strategy

Creating opportunities for customers to share and talk about your products can be the most valuable form of marketing. Customers trust their peers’ recommendations, so assuming that your product receives positive reviews, creating an opportunity for customers to connect with each other should be a priority.

3. Target relevant keywords and filter out irrelevant keywords

It is important to carefully choose the keywords for your website. You should put yourself in the shoes of your customers to develop a list of keywords they may use. However, it is not an easy task to find the right balance between choosing broad keywords to reach out to a large audience and specific ones to find high quality leads. That is why this list needs to be continuously reviewed: if some keywords produce low quality leads, they should be removed.

4. Know your targeted market

Use all resources in your power to learn about your targeted market. Usually, once customers sign up to your platform, it is easier to collect information about them. Tools like Google Analytics allow you to collect useful information to categorize your visitors. For campaigns on social media, there are also platforms that help you aggregate user data.

5. Track the right metrics

Being able to track the performance of your campaign, the source of your leads, and the keywords people used to find your website represents valuable information that can help you refine your targeted market. For marketing campaigns on social media, the same can be done through most social platforms since they usually allow you to track important metrics that can give insights about your targeted audience.