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Peer Influence in the Digital Age: 5 Ways to Encourage Peer to Peer Marketing

Peer Influence in the Digital Age: 5 Ways to Encourage Peer to Peer Marketing

Since 2010, marketing experts agree that the rise of social media has created a new era in the marketing world. Companies evolving in a B2C environment are now able to leverage on platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to create real-time connections and social exchanges with their customers. It is common for companies to engage in these direct social exchanges with customers, however, allowing customers to interact among themselves is not as popular.

Indeed, not a lot of companies develop peer to peer marketing strategies even though it is proven to bring higher returns. In this short article we explore the reason why you should consider a Peer to Peer Marketing (P2P) strategy and we list 5 ways to encourage P2P.

Why should you consider peer to peer marketing?

 1. It gives you the opportunity to receive feedback on your products

            Customers who have a strong opinion about your products whether positive or negative are more likely to share their thoughts on social media. This represents an opportunity to learn more about the customers' preferences with the goal of improving your products.

 2. Social media users, who become the voice of the brand, have the opportunity to influence their network to buy your products

This is especially important because nowadays people rely more on recommendations from their friends than content created by the company. However, organizations need a defined strategy to leverage on peer to peer marketing with an end goal of creating a virtuous cycle where subscribers bring more subscribers.

Here are a few other ways to encourage P2P:

1. Create a platform for user-generated content

2. Make it easy for your customers to share your content on their social media

3. Identify and target social influencers to promote your products

4. Ask influencers for their opinion to develop new products

5. Ask and answer questions to start conversations