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How to Draw a Positive Conclusion From a Negative Review


Let's face it, if you run a business, bad customer experiences are inevitable.  Nobody is perfect and mistakes are bound to be made. Although it's impossible to prevent the issue once its occurred (unless you have a time machine) then it's important to acknowledge ways to turn bad customer experiences into positive ones.

So what do you do if a customer sends you a nasty e-mail about one of your products? Or how about he/she decides to post a negative comment on your Twitter page? Try to follow these steps in order to establish a win/win situation.


While the customer may not always be right (but never wrong), it is important to give them the benefit of the doubt when first approaching the issue.  Letting them know you acknowledge their frustration and empathize with their experience sets the tone for entire conversation and resolution of the problem which is about to occur.  This is why it is necessary  to apologize for your customers negative  experience before doing or saying anything else.


Now that you've expressed your apologies to your customer, it is time to assess the situation and determine the best response to solve the problem at hand. Let's say your customer- we'll call her Mary - ordered a beauty care package from your website and upon arrival realized one of the creams that was supposed to be included was not sent. She expresses her frustration on your company's Twitter page and now  it's up to you to 1) apologize and 2) assess the situation. In a situation like this, you must think about what would make the customer happy and resolve the situation accordingly. After apologizing for Mary's experience, the next step would be to ask her to send you a direct message with her information (e-mail address, address, etc) to properly assist her needs.  Now, since this is on Twitter, it is also important to mention (publically) what will be done to fix the situation in your response.  Asserting her (and in turn, the public) that the cream will be sent out is the obvious (but necessary) answer. In addition to this, offering a 25% discount off her next purchase because of the delay is a sure way to make Mary a happy customer again. It is also a great way to demonstrate to  your online network that you are a company that strives on excellent customer service and satisfaction.


A great way to go above and beyond after a negative issue arises is to send a personalized follow-up e-mail thanking the customer for their business. This shows the customer that you care and humanizes the entire experience.  This also gives you the opportunity to inform the customer of any new promotions going on that may interest them based on their previous purchase.