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5 Tips On How To Make Your Payment Process Effortless For Your Online Customers


With the increasing volume of online shoppers in today’s world, it is important to make your online payment process as straightforward as possible. Having a simple to use payment platform not only enhances the customers buying experience, it also ensures that you will increase conversions from your target audience. Take a look below at these 5 tips on how to make your payment process effortless for your online customers;

1)      Offer Various Payment Options

As a result of the different demographic of online shoppers, it is obvious that offering various types of payment options will not only please your customers, but will also decrease the chances of cart abandonment.  People like to choose the way they want to pay so the more options your site provides the better. Offering multiple payment options allows the customer to feel more comfortable with their purchase and makes your online business more trust-worthy.

A study done by CyberSource Corp. found that e-commerce sites that had four or more payment methods other than credit cards had a sales conversion rate 12 percent higher than those offering just one online payment option in addition to credit cards.*

2)      User-friendly Design and Layout Consistency

Make sure there is consistency throughout your entire website right through to the payment confirmation page. This includes both the design theme and functionality. Having design consistency allows for a basic framework of your site and allows your customers to focus more on the product you’re selling as opposed to figuring out how to navigate through each page. In essence, having a well designed site promotes the company’s products as a lot of the time it’s the first impression a customer will have of your business.

3)      No Account Requirement

When it comes to your online shopping cart, your customers shouldn’t have to click through various pages to purchase the product. Creating a quick and easy check-out not only makes it easier for your customers, but also reduces the likelihood that they will get frustrated with having to fill out too much information and abandon their cart. Although having customer information is great for analytical purposes, you never want to jeopardize a sale because of it. This is why it is essential to always offer a “guest checkout” for quick and easy payment processing.

4)      Payment Security / Trust

Letting your customers know that their payments are secure will inevitably put them at ease.  This may seem obvious, but let’s look at how exactly you can indicate to your customers that your company’s payment process is 100% secure.  For starters, make sure to display all your security features on your website as done by Soda PDF here:

There’s no harm in displaying all the security features your online company has. It only legitimizes your business and allows customers to feel comfortable with their online purchases. As per the latest survey report, more than 58% of respondents are dropping out the check-out page because of concerns about payment security.*

Also be sure to include a page on your site dedicated to security and privacy in case your customers want detailed information about the security measures adapted on your site, as done by Upclick here;

5)      Order Summary Page

Last but not least, you want to make sure your customers know what they are about to purchase and how much it will be exactly. This should include the price, shipping & handling, and any extra fees that will be incurred. Do not try to hide any fees as your customers will eventually find out, return the item, and not revisit your site in the future.  Maintain customer loyalty by keeping your customers informed every step of the way.


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