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If you are reading this in 2015, it is very likely that you woke up with your phone this morning. Not just to the sound of the alarm, but to the entire bag of data that the little rectangle box provides to your life.

Maybe you looked at your messages, emails and events to have a clear idea of how your day will unfold. Perhaps you took a glance at your social media to see if anyone liked or commented on your posts. You might have checked your bank accounts, your stock portfolios, the weather, or the price of diapers in three different stores. The possibilities are endless.

On your way to work you may or may not have resisted the urge to look at your phone while you were stuck in traffic. You might have even looked at that traffic situation on Google maps.

From the moment you start your day, you are connected to the rest of the world and bombarded with advertising. Maybe you saw a banner ad for a clothing store in your Facebook Newsfeed, you landed on the website and purchased something to wear for one of your upcoming events (for which your phone will send you a reminder).

And you never had to use anything else but your phone to complete these tasks.

Considering that the average person spends 198 minutes inside mobile applications*, it is no surprise that companies are spending more on mobile digital advertising** (51.9% of total digital spending in 2015).

Google really understands the importance of being mobile friendly, and has modified its algorithms accordingly since April 21st.

The search engine now ranks sites based on mobile-friendliness in order for users to get results that are adapted to their devices.
Google also made a testing page that analyzes URLs to determine whether or not they are mobile-friendly***.

The intensity of our attachment to these mobile devices that facilitate our lives by making anything possible is the reason why m-commerce has been growing at a much faster pace than the rest of e-commerce.

There is no point in selling online if you cannot sell on mobile.

At Upclick, we optimize every page of your checkout so that it is optimized for mobile devices. Everything is made so that you do not need to modify anything on your own. It is done automatically.

This info graphic combines many M-commerce statistics for 2015.


* http://techcrunch.com/2015/09/10/u-s-consumers-now-spend-more-time-in-apps-than-watching-tv/#.p6jcww:HOXx