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A logo is the brand’s first impression in the customer’s mind. It must reflect the message that the brand wants to convey to its customers, while differentiating themselves from competitors. That’s why most companies spend a large amount of time picking the right colours, letters, fonts, symbols and other design aspects that will constitute a logo.

Google has made big changes lately, and at Upclick, we sincerely believe that it was overdue. Their new logo reflects their biggest brand makeover in 16 years*

The omnipresent search engine is everywhere and helps make peoples’ lives easier every day, around the world. It is made up of young hard working Silicon Valley enthusiasts who strive to conquer the planet with visionary innovations. To be honest, many of us would feel completely lost a day without our modern day encyclopaedia.

The old serif logo was not properly reflecting the brand in the way that the new logo does. Although the colours are almost the same, except for a touch of added saturation, the font is completely different.

(For anyone not familiar with the terms, there are two types of fonts; serif, which means that there are little lines attached to the strokes of the letters, and sans serif, or without serifs)

The new sans serif font has a young and contemporary feel to it. Indeed, sans serif fonts are said to be made for web use while serif fonts are easier to read on print. According to this infographic** , sans serif is better for small sizes because the fonts’ simple forms survive better to reproduction and smearing.

In a world where we use smart phones and tablets to go online, it only makes sense that the web’s biggest empire would have an emblem that is more versatile.

In addition, the new Google favicon is now a capital G instead of the lower case g, and it also got revamped with all of the brand’s colors rather than just blue. If we refer to our previous blog on the effect of colours in marketing, we can see that the use of many colours reflects the diversity and the variety of Google. That makes sense for a business whose purpose is to find anything that exists on the web.

This interesting video*** shows the Google logo history:

Upclick’s logo is also made up of a modern, minimal sans serif font.
The colors white and blue reflect the brand’s message to our merchants; Upclick is a secure and dependable e-commerce platform.

Finally, we approve the new Google logo and we believe that it has earned the right to appear in our lives multiple times a day.