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In our previous blogs we’ve looked at some statistics from Statista.com* concerning cart abandonment. While unexpected costs were the biggest reason for shoppers to abandon their cart, let’s not ignore an important 13% of consumers who leave without paying because the price was presented in a foreign currency*. Similarly, a study by One Hour Translation suggests that 66% of consumers leave e-commerce websites because the content isn't available in their native tongue*.

People don’t like to waste time even if it’s just to “google” a translation or a currency calculator.
Getting your customers to your checkout page is hard enough – so at Upclick we make sure to offer them localized payment options in every major markets around the world so that they use their preferred payment method. It’s just one more way that we protect you from abandoned carts.

A good online selling strategy should always include different pricing options that you can present to your customers. Upclick recognizes the need to customize the shopping experience based on the country you’re selling to. Our experts are familiar with the necessity of adapting your checkout in order to appeal to consumers in all markets.

Upclick’s geo-targeting shopping cart works with IP address detection to automatically identify your customer’s location. With this information we display the checkout page in the local language (based on the browser language), real-time currency (we display the prices in the local currency anywhere in the world), and offer the right payment methods in order to ensure the best shopping experience.

That way, when your customer is presented a product with a local price, as well as local payment options, in his own language, he has one less reason to abandon his cart. It’s quite logical.

But it doesn’t stop there. Our payment back-end has the ability to intelligently route a customer’s transaction to the right financial institution, based his geo-location and payment instrument. We can also re-route any declined transactions to different acquiring banks in order to finalize a purchase that would have otherwise been lost.

Customers can also select alternate languages through a convenient pull-down menu if they prefer.

We also offer our merchants the option to define a custom price for all the major currencies. This option enables merchants to choose a price that matches their marketing strategy, and the cost of selling their product in the specific location (after all, we all know that the price of acquiring a customer is different from one market to another).

Finally, Geo-targeting and localized payment options are an indispensable tool in today’s worldwide web economy, and we guarantee that Upclick offers the best technology for this feature.

Our merchants do not have to worry as everything is done automatically unless the merchant decides to install pre-sets. Because at Upclick, accepting payments online has never been easier, globally!