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This year's NYC Affiliate summit is just around the corner, and we wanted to make a little introduction ahead of time on the Upclick guys who will be attending. Upclick is a privately owned company that was founded in 2006, in Montreal. Since we provide very unique solutions for our merchants and affiliates, we also choose to employ very unique individuals who differentiate themselves with their special skills and their distinctive personalities.

This year, we remind you that there will be a big reward for whoever finds them first.

DAN: Born in Brazil and raised in Quebec, Dan Shiff is a natural salesman who graduated on top of his class at the prestigious McGill University in 1996. Before joining us, his entertaining personality and his thirst for success made him an indispensable asset for world renowned companies such as Goldman Sachs, Lehman Brothers and Morgan Stanley. Every day that passes by, we feel blessed to work with such a legend at Upclick since 2013. Let’s not forget to mention that Dan also likes to fly planes in his free time, but we can't recommend him as your pilot. If you can't find him at the Affiliate Summit, he is probably relaxing at the Russian & Turkish baths, and you are more than welcomed to join him.

ONKAR: Onkar Grover graduated as an honour student from Concordia in 2010 with a Bachelor of Business Administration and has been part of the Upclick team since 2008. He manages all the relationships with our merchants once they sign up with Upclick. Onkar knows how to build and sustain beneficial relationships that go beyond business. His background in sales and affiliate marketing make him a valuable team player at Upclick. He enjoys playing tennis and golf but we don't know if he's any good at it. If by any chance you get hungry around lunch time, go find Onkar and he will make you try his special butter chicken family recipe.

ALEX: Last but not least, Alex Moisley is our latest addition to the sales team. He earned an ancient history degree from one of the UK’s top universities and makes for an interesting dinner party guest (when he’s not guitar playing or backpacking). But the most interesting fact about Alex is that he lives a double life as one of Montreal"s most famed underground magicians, and he has more tricks up his sleeve than you could possibly imagine. Although you may be tempted to believe that we hired him for his British accent, good looks or card tricks, those weren't the only reasons. But the rest is a mystery that you will have to find out for yourself…

Now that you have a little more background on our three musketeers, hurry up and be the first to find them. We guarantee you that the grand prize winner will get the surprise of his life!