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In our last blog we looked at statistics and an info graphic about e-commerce checkout abandonment. In this blog we will look at methods to prevent online consumers from abandoning their cart.

There are many strategies that merchants can use to prevent cart abandonment. Let's look at the 9 most important and obvious ones:

1) Simplify the checkout process

In terms of your checkout page, less is more and more is less.
If we look at recent studies* 15% of cart abandonment occurs because the online customers the checkout process was too complicated.
With Upclick, your customers don't have to register and go through a lengthy process during checkout. It is a matter of a few clicks within a few seconds. They do not have to go through multiple pages, everything is done on one final checkout page.

2) Make the entire sales funnel seamless

Your website will appear more trustworthy if it has a seamless design. No customer likes to land on a checkout page that doesn't seem coherent with the rest of the website. Instinctively, a higher percentage of people will abandon the cart because they will get the impression that it is an unsafe or fraudulent page.
Our cart designer allows you to maintain the same look and feel throughout your entire sales funnel, making the customer experience seamless. You can even customize the cart message based on your target markets. Furthermore, your product images will also be displayed on the checkout page.

3) Have a fast and high performing website

Nobody likes to wait because time is money. In fact, we saw on our last info graphic that after waiting only 3 seconds, 57% of consumers will abandon a site. With Upclick, you will never have to worry about that because we optimize your platform and our technicians spent a lot of time refining it to ensure that there will never be any bugs or glitches. We use the fastest connections to ensure that worldwide customers never have to wait while making a purchase on your website.

4) Be accessible, provide a phone number

This is an obvious one. In fact, 22% of online shoppers who abandoned their cart were unable to find contact information and felt the website was less credible as a result *. For online software vendors especially, providing phone support is one of the most important features At Upclick, we not only provide you with a team of sales experts who can increase your ARO while proving 100% satisfaction to your customers, we also can connect your clients with a team of highly skilled technicians for technical support, should your product require this type of service.

5) Always make security a top priority

Not only does your website need to have a secure and seamless look, it needs to be safe and trustworthy. The minute your consumers feel threatened, your reputation will be tarnished for ever, That is why Upclick is fully PCI DSS Level 1 compliant which means your clients are safe during the entire sales process. This also means you can let us securely store credit card details for future use like recurring billing and password protected one-click purchases. Upclick always makes your online safety a priority.

6) Offer discounts and coupons

Did you know that 27 % of online customers abandon their cart because they wanted a discount coupon? *Our coupon and bundling discounting tool allows you to create coupons for special occasion, specify the discounts and even expire them on a specific date. This practical tool enables you to take advantage of holidays and special marketing events such as Black Friday or Back to School to attract more customers. This is apart from our entirely customizable cross-sell, up-sell and post sell features which provide your customers with more choices and better discounts at checkout.

7) Do not include hidden fees.

Indeed, hidden fees are the top reason for cart abandonment ( according to our info graphic, they account for 41% based on a study of 1200 online users)
This also applies to shipping fees, which are another main reason for cart abandonment. The more you make your checkout page transparent with clear information about any fees, the less customers will abandon your site. Seems fair.

8) Display local currencies

Online shoppers can be frustrated when the currency for their purchase is not their local currency. They may become confused about the actual cost and abandon their purchase. This is yet another distinctive feature at Upclick. Our advanced e-commerce platform allows you to automatically display products' prices in the online consumer's local currency.

9) Provide multiple payment options

Last but certainly not least, your checkout page needs to provide your customers with as many payment options as possible. Especially if we consider that 24% of cart abandoners did so because they sought more payment options. At Upclick, we provide a redundant banking infrastructure with over 50 payment options covering all major markets. Our intelligent payment solution automatically routes the right cards to the right banks and payment gateways– generating a typical 9-10% increase in the approval rate for international markets. In other words, payment options will never be an issue with us.

Finally, in order to maximize your sales and revenues, it is important to always analyze what works and what doesn't work on your site. We also got your covered on that with our Tracking, Testing and Reporting solutions.