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The first Day Event Vip Software Meetup took place on Wednesday the 17th of June 2015 at the Hilton in Tel Aviv. We were excited to announce Lou Kerner, Founder and Managing Partner of The Social Internet Fund and Managing Partner at The Israel Syndicate on AngelList, as this year's keynote speaker.
A passionate Internet, social media and e-commerce leader, Kerner holds an MBA from Stanford and BA from UCLA. His work and expertise has taken him around the world, serving as Wall Street’s first ever social media analyst, President, Owner and COO at Bolt, Inc., Founder of WildSites, CFO and Principal Accounting Officer of KIT digital, Inc., and CEO at The .tv Corporation International, to name a few.
Now a leading investor in rapidly growing tech companies focused on mobile, social, cloud, security, big data and crowd funding, Kerner has established himself as an industry trailblazer.

The 10 am presentation, offered by Lou Kerner consisted of a discussion around the intriguing question: “Are we in a Tech bubble?” His definition of a bubble is when investors drive prices beyond any rational reflection , as determined by the performance of the companies. Investing bubbles are just like soap bubbles. They rise up until they pop, and then all the money invested dissipates into the wind. This is due to the fact that we view the future of technology as a straight upward diagonal curve instead of the more fluid one in which it develops.

Lou made an interesting comparison with the 2000 Tech Bubble, claiming that the current one is worse because the current market has no valuations and no liquidity. He also proceeded to explain that the reason for the current tech bubble we are experiencing right now is the fact that there are so many new technologies available all at once.

Indeed, every industry is now able to use mobile technology, social media, cloud technologies, big data and crowd sourcing. New companies that rise up to a billion dollar valuation in no time, such as Uber, whatsapp, Snapchat and more are called unicorns. To read more about Lou’s presentation, follow this link for the complete slide show: http://www.slideshare.net/loukerner/bubble-cartoon

Following this exciting presentation, along with Lou, we hosted a lively panel discussion, Surviving and Thriving, with distinguished speakers: Ofer Druker (CEO and Co-Founder at Matomy group), Phil Schnyder ( Director of Online Business Development at Avanquest) Barak Shein (Senior Program Manager at Microsoft) Francis Cohen ( CEO at SIEN) and Tobyn Sowden ( CEO and Co-Founder at Air Installer). The panel was moderated by Chris Dykstra ( VP Advertising at Air Installer) and Dan Shiff (Director of Business Development at Upclick). The discussion lasted from 11 am to 1pm and our top-notch professional speakers from this field were able to answer the many questions asked by the crowd. In our next blog we will cover most of the subjects discussed by the panel.

The Tel Aviv VIP Software Meetup was not just panels and discussions. Overlooking the Hilton beach, our guests were treated to panoply of appetizers and pastries while being able to network with other ecommerce industry fanatics. After exchanging business cards and getting to know each other, our guests mingled from 1pm to 5pm.

Overall, we are proud to conclude that the Tel Aviv Vip Software meetup was a success, seeing that our entire guest list showed up and stayed until the end, mingling and meeting with like- minded people. Plus, the presentation and the panel offered a different insight and perspective on the current industry situations and dilemmas. We were delighted with your presence look forward to next year’s Vip software meetup.