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All Affiliate Network Features

Find below all the features provided by Upclick for affiliates. If you need more explanations on features, simply click on details.

Localized Shopping Carts & Multiple Payment Methods

Get to use a geo-targeted shopping cart
which will help you increase the conversion
rate when tapping new markets. Get a
multi-language, multi-currency secure
shopping cart. Extend your sales reach by
offering over 50 international payment
methods in almost 100 countries,
including Paypal.

Custom Marketing

Upclick offers a large selection of
marketing tools to ensure your success, and
we always want the best for you. So, if you
have a marketing tool in mind that you just
can’t seem to find in our creative library, no
problem, just send us your idea and we’ll get
it done for you. Free of charge, of course.

Full Search Engine

Simply populate your Google, MSN, Yahoo, account numbers in your Upclick account
and receive your sales information using
your existing 3rd party tracking service.

Default 30-Day

Your chances of earning a commission are increased by Upclick’s default 30 day cookie for all affiliate offers in the Upclick affiliate network.

Maniacal Focus on

There isn’t one aspect of our business that
isn’t constantly challenged, tested and
optimized. Our optimization experts remain
focused on conversion rates to ensure
efficiency of all banners and creatives. But
don’t take our word for it - send a little traffic
our way and see the difference for yourself.

High Converting Banners & Creatives

The Upclick Affiliate Network provides multiple ways to promote advertiser's
offers and optimize your performance;
such as a variety of innovative direct links,
banners and other creatives. A good
creative is the first step to a good campaign,
that's why Upclick always try to optimize
banners and other creatives to ensure the
best conversion rate possible. Always
remember that first impressions count!

Dedicated Affiliate

You'll be assigned to your very own
dedicated affiliate manager who will be
managing your advertising's campaigns
actively. Get help from a real person on
affiliate matters in real time. Contact us at to discuss
the possibilities.

Multiple & Deep Linking

There are many ways to make money as
an Upclick Affiliate. Choose to send your
traffic directly to the product checkout page
or to a high-converting landing page in
order to obtain the highest conversion rate.

Pro Landing

With Upclick, you benefit from unique professional-grade landing pages tailored
to your visitors needs.

Multiple Payout

The Upclick Affiliate Network provides
multiple payout models such as Revenue
Share, PPS (Pay Per Sale), PPI (Pay Per
Installation), PPT (Pay Per Trial). The
concept remains the same: affiliate earn
commissions for generating business. We
understands that every business is
different, that's why we offer many options
to ensure flexibility and satisfaction.

Real Time Performance Reporting

We offer a real time reporting on absolutely every metric you would want to track. It contains all your critical sales data in
intuitive tables and interactive charts. Our
analytics enable you to quickly and easily
track your campaign transactions, clicks,
conversion rates and total revenues earned.
This will ensure that you always be able to
manage your performance and be able to
oversee how much commission you
generate in ease.

Affiliate Tiers/Referrals

Have friends with great traffic sources you would like to refer to us? We also support tiered affiliates which means you can earn
a fixed payout on every conversion
generated by your referrals.

Flexible Payment

Receive monthly or bi-weekly payments of your earnings via direct deposit, wire
transfer, Paypal and others.


The Upclick Affiliate Marketplace offers
direct relationships with the merchants you
promote. Unlike most affiliate platforms,
Upclick furthers contacts between affiliates
and merchants. This means you can
collaborate freely with the advertiser,
exchange ideas, get custom landing pages
and much more.