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Affiliates Solutions

Upclick offers multiple solutions for affiliates in order to maximize their potential. If you need more information on the Upclick Affiliate Network, just click on the appropriate section below. All the information you need to make more money are displayed. But don't take it for granted, sign up as an affiliate to get the proof that Upclick is the efficient solution for you.

What Is It?

Upclick provides a marketplace where advertisers and publishers are
connected to make business.

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We offer all the features you need to get
the most out of your traffic. Maximize
your earnings now!

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How It Works?

Publishers promote advertiser's products
in exchange for earning commissions
every time they generate sales.

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Payout Models

Our merchants set up attractive
commissions on their offers. Choose the
payout model you fit the best.

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Marketplace Offers

Our marketplace provides the highest converting offers in the digital
goods industry.

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