affiliate payouts available in the Upclick marketplace ecommerce platform

Payout Models
Super High

Earn up to 65% commission per sale.

Affiliates - Payout Models

Super High Payouts

Earn up to 65% commission per sale. Our high commissions and on-time payments every time will definitely make us one of your favourite affiliate programs. Once you choose and link the perfect offer for your business, you can start cashing in!

Our merchants have set commissions of up to 65%... Even more, they constantly have special bonuses for their affiliates, in other words, if you perform well, you'll be rewarded consequently.

Our convenient affiliate payment methods and frequent payouts make life easier by providing faster access to the money you've earned.

And more, to ensure your satisfaction, your links are traced by cookies for 30 days, so if a customer buy even in a month, you will still get your money from that sale.
The Upclick Affiliate Network provides multiple payout models to compensate affiliates; such as Revenue Share, PPS (Pay Per Sale), PPI (Pay Per Installation), PPT (Pay Per Trial) or even PPC (Pay Per Call). The concept remains the same: affiliate earn commissions for generating business. We understands that every business is different, that's why we offer many options to ensure flexibility and satisfaction.

Publishers: We Want You!

Upclick has been busy helping thousands of individuals like you take their first step (and their second step, and their third…) towards generating an additional income stream. We’ve helped them, and we can help you.


Don't be like 80 percent of bloggers who never earn a buck from their blogs! You can spend just a few minutes a month promoting products that you think your readers would love. You don't have to annoy your readers with ads. Instead inform them about offers and information that they’ll find valuable. Pick the offers that would appeal to your readers, and the ones that pay the highest commissions.

Then you can use our highly detailed reports to see which promotions were successful and which didn’t do so well. Getting started costs you nothing and requires only a few minutes of your time.

Online Retailers

Increase your income, as well as improving sales of your existing products! With No Overhead; No Inventory; No Hassles! Select which offer(s) you’d like to promote and add links to your site. That’s it.

Give your customers what they want. All of our products are available for download - that means no shipping fees. Gain access to international markets by selecting our offers in over 50 international payment methods in almost 100 countries.
Get to know your customers better by using our detailed reports about which offers your customers purchased.

List Owners

Studies have shown that people actually enjoy product recommendations. Start earning money from your newsletter and website without spending a dime. Generating extra cash on a regular basis simply by promoting products that their members need and want. Just select the offer you want to promote, create some content and create a link for your newsletter and/or website.
They might even encourage their friends to join just for that reason.

We have tons of products available for you to choose from. No matter what your group’s interests are, we can almost guarantee that you’ll find products that will appeal to them.

Super Affiliates

If you're not promoting our offers, you're missing out on some serious cash. You know more than most about what it takes to be a successful affiliate. We can help fine tune your promotions to maximize your earnings - as much as 65%.

Our Advertisers not only offer high-level commissions, so that they attract more affiliates, but they also maximize your up-selling & cross-selling opportunities during the purchase process so you can earn more per cart than anywhere else! Higher cart value equals more money in your pocket.

You will also get detailed reporting data about impressions, clicks, and sales, for the various offers you're running, and how your links performed hour-by-hour.